How To: Monthly Picture Editor

This page lets you pick the images and background for each month. The controls for this page are:

  • the "Upload Image" (1) button;
  • the "Choose Existing Image" (2) button;
  • an image template selector (4);
  • a background color selector (5);
  • a background image selector (6);
  • a background image color selector (7);
  • the "Save Calendar" (8) button;
  • and the "Next" (9) button.

The right half of the screen shows how the top half of the monthly page will look. This will be sitting just above the month name and calendar grid which you will edit elsewhere. As you select how you want this page to look, the right half of the screen will update to show you what you will get. Depending on the template you select, you will see from one to four images on the page.

Monthly image editing screen, single image

This shows the page with one image.

Monthly image editing screen, three rotated images

This shows the page with three rotated images.

To the right of the screen you will see how your page will look. As you make selections this part will update automatically.

Click the Upload Image button to choose a picture off your computer to go on the cover. This necessary image size will vary based on the template selected. A file browser will appear letting you select image files from your computer. Pick the image that you want and it will upload to our servers. Once the image uploads you will see the Crop window. This window lets you cut the picture you chose to match the size of the cover.

Cropping window

The window shows a rectangle with four selectable corners. You can grab and me any of these corners, but the aspect ratio (relative height to width) of the rectangle will stay constant. Move this rectangle around the picture until it shows the part you want on your calendar. Once you have the view you want, click the "Crop" (9) button.

After you crop the image it will show up on the page display.

Click the Choose Existing Image button to select an image that you have already uploaded. You can only pick from images that have been cropped to the size needed for the cover. When you click this button the Pick an Image window pops up.

Image selector window

If you have already uploaded and cropped images to the size needed you will see a grid of thumbnail pictures showing which ones are available. You can scroll through this grid as necessary to find the one you want. Click an image to select it. After you click it the window will disappear and the selected image will show up on the page display.

If you don't see one you like just click the "Cancel" (10) button and the window will go away.

If you click Choose Existing Image but you haven't uploaded any of the right size you will get a friendly notice.

Image selector window, no images

Just click Cancel (11) and it will go away.

The background color selector lets you place a solid block of color behind the pictures and grid for this month. The selector shows you the color you will get. Once you pick a color, the right half of the screen will update automatically.

The background image selector lets you pick a graphic to merge on top of the background color. This is a great way to accent your sport or add interest to the page. Once you pick an image, you will see it overlaid on the right side of the screen.

The background image color determines the color for the background image. Pick something that contrasts nicely with the background color. This color also automatically updates on the right side of the screen.

Monthly image editing screen, populated

This shows the page fully populated with a blue background and the pentagons background image colored yellow.

Click here to see an explanation of saving calendars.

Once you like the way this page looks (or just want to work on another page), you can click the "Next" button and move on. You can come back later if you change your mind.

Click here to see an explanation of the editor navigation menu (12).

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