How To: Add Custom Text to Dates

This page lets you add custom text to days on the calendar. This is your chance to highlight your birthdays, game days, meetings, parties or anything else you can think of. Pick the day, type in the text and it will be added to the calendar. If there is a holiday on the date you choose, the new text will be below the holiday text

The controls for this page are:

  • the "Add Day" (1) button;
  • the "Date Selection" (2) input;
  • the "Text" input field (3);
  • the "Back to Start" (4) button;
  • the "Save Calendar" (5) button;
  • and the "Next" (6) button.

Custom text entry page

This page opens with inputs for one custom text entry consisting of one Date Selection input and one Text input field. Click the Add Day button to add inputs to support more dates.

Click the Date input field and a date chooser will pop up letting you choose the date you want to add text on.

Click on the Text input field and type in the text to be added to the selected date. The text will be added after any pre-determined holiday text.

Custom text entry page

This image shows the editor with a couple of dates filled in.

Custom text example #1

Here we can see Fred's birthday on the calendar.

Custom text example #2

Here we can see the company picnic on the July 4th holiday.

Click the Back to Start button to go back the the beginning of the editing process.

Click here to see an explanation of saving calendars.

Once you have entered all the text you want to, you can click the "Next" button and move on. You can come back later if you change your mind.

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