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Get Started

Get Started 2018-02-03T16:38:45-08:00

Project Description

The start page is where it all begins. Here you will set up the key information that will drive your calendar. These include:

  • the “Start Year” for your calendar (1);
  • the “Start Month” for your calendar (2);
  • whether to show US holidays on your calendar (3);
  • whether to show Canadian holidays on your calendar (4);
  • and the default “Template” to be used on your calendar pages (5).

Start the calendar screen

The start year and start month of your calendar are obvious; this will be the first month in your calendar. It will run for eleven more months after this one for a total of twelve.

Check boxes are provided to decide whether common the US and Canadian holidays will be added to your calendar. You will also be able to add your custom text to specific days later in the editing process.

The template defines the default number of images shown for each month and their position on the page. Each month consists of a top half page with one or more pictures and a bottom half page that has the month name and year, up to two small images and the grid of days and weeks for the month. This setting picks the default shown for each month. You will be able to change it for each month as you go through the editing process. You will also be able to pick a background color and image to go behind the pictures and grid for each month.

If you feel like you have gotten totally lost on your calendar and want to start over, just click the “Clean Start” (7) button and you can begin with a clean slate.

Click here to learn about saving your calendar.

Once you have selected when your calendar will start and how it will look, you can click the “Next” button and move on. You can come back later if you change your mind.