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Save Your Calendar

Save Your Calendar 2018-02-03T16:42:24-08:00

Project Description

Throughout this process you will see the “Save Calendar” button. This allows you to log in and assign a title to your calendar. Once you save a calendar, we will record the changes you make so you can come back later, log in again and return to editing your calendar. You can save several calendars in progress and each one will be saved for 14 days after the last time you edit it. You will receive an email notice when we are about to delete your saved calendar.

Click here for help on logging in.

The Save Calendar page lets you specify the name of calendar you are saving or skip the saving process and just resume editing (3). Type the calendar name in the Calendar Name (1) input and click the Save button (2) to save your calendar. Once you save your calendar, it will be added to the table of saved calendars on this page.

Save calendar screen

You can view your list of saved calendars in the table (4). This shows the name (title) of the calendar, how long until it expires, and gives links to resume (5) and delete (6) it.

If you want to resume your calendar after you have left the site, you must log into your account, go to the Saved Calendars page and select the calendar you want to resume.