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RAISE FUNDS 2018-04-03T21:15:03-07:00

Most fundraising activities or products are pretty effective in their own way but all have their limitations. Over the years we have found that calendars provide a great all-around benefit for the organization and the users. Plus, we provide you with two ways to raise funds for your organization.

Method 1 – Calendar Sales
Easy to understand, you estimate your goals and sell at a price that helps you attain them.

For example:
Sales qty – 500 calendars (100 people sell 5 each on average)
You paid – $7.50 each
Set price at – $20 each
Total Profit – $6,250 ($12.50 per calendar)

Method 2 – Advertising Sales
We provide you with the ability to add sponsor logos in various places on the calendars. These can be sold in different sizes and costs as year round ads for your sponsors. These ads are far cheaper than print, radio or most other commercial forms of advertising. Plus, the sponsors get to publicly support your worthy cause in doing so. It’s a win-win situation!

For example:
15 image spaces available
Full page ad cost: $500
You can make an EXTRA $7,500 per fundraiser!


effective fund raising idea


  • Useful for users

  • Customers use all year

  • Ad space potential for additional funds

  • You determine your pricing and fundraising potential

  • Personalized to your organization

  • Ability to promote your organization and its purpose

great fund raising idea

Candy Sales

  • Easy to sell, who doesn’t like candy?

  • Low cost price

  • Very short term, once its eaten its purchase purpose is forgotten

  • Typically, no ad space or personalization, just the candy brand

  • Low cost will require high volume sales to raise significant funds for the organization

fund raising for schools sports etc

Car Wash

  • Fairly easy sell to general public

  • Typically priced moderately for the service

  • Short term, once car is washed the exposure is over

  • Nothing to personalize unless you spend money to provide flyers

  • Seasonal and requires a facility, organization and a lot of volunteer staff